Registration for RETURNING Scouts

Registration for RETURNING Scouts


BSA, Council, and Pack 197 fees for RETURNING Scouts

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RETURNING Scouts have previously registered with the BSA.

This fee covers 2023 national, council, and Pack fees.

National – $80

Council – $60

Pack – $35

The National fee goes directly to BSA National Council to fund program curriculum and safety standards, training, Youth Protection resources and criminal background checks, technology upgrades, National insurance coverage and many more investments to sustain Scouting.

The Simon Kenton Council fee covers local council insurance, year-round programming and council events, and greater focus on training, program delivery, recruitment, and membership.

The Pack fee offsets the costs of Pack 197 to operate the Scouting program.  This includes advancement belt loops, patches, pinewood derby car, and a hiking stave (ask your Den Leader for one) for your Scout.  It also goes towards operating costs for the Pack including storage locker rental, annual rechartering fees, supplies for Den and Pack meetings, trophies for races, and equipment for Pack use.

Additional information

Adult Code of Conduct


The Pack Committee has established this Code of Conduct (Code) to provide parents and adult leaders (“Scouters”) of Pack 197 with a framework of expectations for adults.

While the Committee wants each adult to be responsible for his or her own behavior, the Code will help ensure a common language and understanding of behavioral expectations and consequences, with the goal of creating an atmosphere conducive to safety, fun and the values of Scouting. Only when necessary will the Committee take fair and balanced action under this Code.

All adults of Pack 197 represent the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”) when they elect to participate in Pack activities (Den & Pack meetings, Pack events, Pack campouts, summer camp, etc.) and are expected to uphold the principles of Scouting. An indication of this promise and recognition of that responsibility is the Scouter's signature on the code of conduct agreement form as a condition of his or her participation in Pack activities.

1. I will conduct myself in accordance with the principles of the Scout Oath and Law.
2. I understand the meaning and importance of the BSA Youth Protection guidelines and agree to conduct myself in accordance with the guidelines. To be a Registered Leader, if I have not done so already, I will
complete Youth Protection Training and, as required, every two years.
3. While participating in Pack activities, I will obey the safety rules and instructions of all Scout Leaders and use positive reinforcement and communication with my children and my fellow Scouters and their children.
4. I understand that the Pack has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to:
• Discrimination, harassment, hazing, or bullying in any way including with regard to race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, disability, economic status or citizenship of an individual
• Use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at or near Pack or Den activities, at properties operated by the BSA, or any activity involving Scouts.
• Discussing or engaging in any form of sexual conduct while engaged in Scouting activities, regardless of the proximity of any Scouts. I will refer Scouts with questions regarding these topics to talk to their parents or spiritual advisor. I will not possess, distribute, transport, consume, or use pornography or materials containing words or images inconsistent with Scouting values.
5. I will not bring (or use) firearms, ammunition, weapons, explosives, or fireworks to any Pack activity.
6. I recognize that all Pack 197 adult participants are unpaid volunteers who are dedicating their time. To support these individuals, I will:
• Support my son’s and/or daughter’s participation in Scouting by being active in his progress toward rank and helping him understand and achieve the various awards that interest him. I will work with my Scout to complete any requirements covered during a missed meeting.
• Assist my Den Leader and Pack Leaders by keeping accurate records of my Scout’s advancements and will report their progress to my Den Leader in a timely manner.
• Try to help Pack/Den Leaders whenever possible with the various activities of the Pack/Den.
7. In order to have enough volunteers to assist with these duties, a member of our family will fill one volunteer role in the Pack each year, either as a Pack Committee Member, Den Leader/Assistant Leader, or Subcommittee Member.
8. I understand that on Pack/Den activities which require a parent, legal guardian or approved family member accompany my son(s) and/or daughter(s) (i.e. camp outs, all-day events, etc.), that it is my responsibility to make appropriate arrangements in order for my child to participate.
9. I will always have a positive attitude toward Scouting and will always encourage my Scout to live the Cub Scout Motto of "Do Your Best!"
10. I will take steps to prevent or report any violation of this code of conduct by others in connection with Scouting activities.

If an adult’s behavior or choices are not in keeping with the BSA youth protection and safety policies or this Code of Conduct, one or more of the following measures may be taken:
• The adult will be asked by a member of the Pack Committee, leadership, or Scout Leader in charge to leave the Pack activity and agree to do so without incident and without refund of any fees paid.
• The Pack Committee (or its designee) will review the behavior and take what it determines, in its sole discretion and authority, to be appropriate disciplinary action, which determination will be final and binding.
• The Pack Committee will consider the circumstances of each incident on a case-by-case basis and may take mitigating or exacerbating circumstances into account.
• An adult’s behavior may result in disciplinary action (up to and including expulsion from the Pack). If a Scouter’s membership in the Pack is revoked, the Pack Committee will promptly notify the District Council of the action taken and the reason for it.
• Adults understand that the Code of Conduct is the policy of the Pack Committee, and that they may be subject to additional disciplinary action by the Simon Kenton Council or the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America.


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