Pumpkin Races

Pumpkin Races

Who: All scouts currently registered with Pack 197
When:  7:00pm on October 28th, 2019 (Pizza and refreshments will be available! See fundraiser menu below.)
Where:  Heritage Christian Church, Large Meeting Room in the Children’s wing (Same room as normal Pack meetings)

Parent volunteers are needed! Please contact Beth Smock to help out!

What is a Pumpkin Race?

This is a fun event where pumpkins in their vehicles roll off the ramp. Everyone hopes their racer will reach the wall about 50 feet away. But will their racer go straight?!

There is also a design competition to build the most creative pumpkin racer in 1 of 5 categories.

There will be pizza ans refreshments available starting at 6:50 PM. See Pack Fundraiser Menu section below for details.

After voting on the designs and awarding prizes, one by one pumpkin racers go down a four foot ramp towards the back of the room. See pictures below.

How to Participate:

  • Get a pumpkin.
  • Get something with wheels (no larger than 18” wide or long)
  • Do NOT carve the pumpkin.
  • Create a design for the pumpkin and racer.
  • Secure the pumpkin to the racer.
  • Select a category for the design competition. The racer receiving the most votes in each category will win.
  • Come up with a clever name for your racer.
  • Enjoy watching pumpkins race down the ramp and see how far they go.

2019 Design Categories:

  • Scouting
  • Pokémon/Cartoons/Super Heroes/Movies/Video Games
  • Animals/Nature
  • Halloween
  • Other

Pack Fundraiser Menu

Are your Monday evenings crazy and there’s no time to make dinner? Let Troop 197 take care of it!  Here is a sample of the food and snack items that they will be bringing to keep our racers topped off and ready to race:

  • $2 pepperoni or cheese pizza slice
  • $2 hot dog
  • $1 water bottle
  • $1 soda can
  • $1 chips

All proceeds will benefit Troop 197.

Pictures from past events