2021 – Pinewood Derby

Pack 197 Pinewood Derby 2021 Design Categories


We have seen everything from blocks of cheese to hot dogs to smores. Turn your block of wood into your favorite food or meal. How about a meatball sub car!!!!!!


Be patriotic with a 4th of July car showcasing the Stars and Stripes. Who doesn’t love a pink Valentine’s Day themed car rolling down the track? If you just can’t let go of the Pumpkin race, continue your obsession with a Halloween themed car. Plenty of holidays to choose from!!!!

Movies/TV Shows

One of our most popular because there are SO MANY possibilities!!! We’ve seen Batmobiles, Lightning McQueen, Ghostbusters, superhero themed cars, Paw Patrol, and your favorite cartoon characters!!!!


Our most beloved design category! Who doesn’t love seeing a canoe or a pocket knife soaring to the finish line? Campfires, knots, tents, arrows, fishing poles and my favorite; the car that looks like the pinewood derby car kit box!!!!!


This is your outlet to show your support for your favorite sports team. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, or football; we have you covered with this design category!!!!!


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