2018 Pinewood Derby Results

Best Design Award 2018 Winners

Based on votes from majority of Pack 197 parents winners are:

Category Car # Scout
Scouting 516 N. Kenderski
Food 508 C. Daniel
Sports 420 B. Pipo
Car 610 L. Jergens
Crazy, Other 518 C.Moore


Pack Championship 2018 Standings

Unfortunately race time data was lost due to power disconnect .

Place Time Car # Scout
1st  412  B. Hijazeen
2nd  604  I. Choo
3rd  418  A. Meng
4th  620  A.Tankovich


Pack Standings

Unfortunately race data was lost due to power disconnect and old laptop battery failure. We are looking to either replace components in the Pack 197 laptop or accept a new one as donation.