COSI Camp-In

Our pack attends COSI Camp-In every year. This is a great event with many opportunities to complete exciting optional requirements.

What Do I Need for COSI Camp-In?

  • March 4th. Check-in 5:30 – 6:00 pm. Leave anytime from 7am-5pm next day.
  • Camp site: CITY VIEW.
  • Class B uniforms.
  • Layered dry sleeping clothes, socks, soft cap, sleeping bag
  • Soft ear plugs are highly recommended.
  • Camp pad or air mattress (with pump) to insulate from the floor.
  • Water bottle and easy to carry snacks
  • Dinner in a bag or checkout Atomic Cafe menu; Snacks (dried fruit/granola bars/etc.)
  • Read parent booklet from COSI.
  • Check-in with Pavel for wrist bands and movie time – at camp site at 6:00 pm. Unclaimed tickets will be returned to the front desk for late arrivals.


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