2023 Pumpkin Race! (Tues 10/24) = SUCCESS!!!

2023 Pumpkin Race! (Tues 10/24) = SUCCESS!!!

It’s almost time for our Pack’s annual Pumpkin Race! This event is always a crowd favorite. Here’s how it works: Each Scout decorates a pumpkin, puts it on wheels (think: Tonka trucks, skateboards, plywood with casters, etc.), and cheers as it races down a 4’ ramp and (hopefully) careens into the back wall! Scouts will also have an opportunity to vote for their favorite racer designs.


🎉 Friends & siblings are welcome!
This year’s Pumpkin Race will be a “Bring a Friend” event! That means any siblings or friends in grades K-5 are welcome to build their own Pumpkin Racer and have fun with us! Please tell your friends and family about this fun and free event! (Feel free to forward this email or share our social media posts.)

✅ The race itself is not competitive, and there are only two rules for your racer:

1. Make sure the wheelbase is no more than 18” wide (otherwise it won’t fit on the ramp)
2. DO. NOT. CARVE. THE. PUMPKIN. (otherwise it will almost certainly explode into a disaster of apocalyptic proportions when it hits the wall …or so I’ve been told)
Find more information on our Pack website!

🏆 Trophies will be awarded for the best racer designs in the following categories:

– Video games
– Scouting
– Favorite Books
– Food
– Spooky
– Everything Else

🙋‍♂️ Parent volunteers are needed to help with the event!
We need people to help with set-up, decor, registration, voting, and “pumpkin running”. Sign-up here:

👻 Wear a costume!
Everyone is welcome to wear their Scout-appropriate Halloween costumes to the event! (Please, nothing too scary!)

🗓 Event Schedule
The race is Tuesday, October 24 from 6-8 PM at Heritage Church. (The event is in Room 230, the large room upstairs where we traditionally hold Pack meetings.)

5:30 PM – Set-up Begins (Sign-up to help!)
6:00 PM – Arrival & Registration
6:30 PM – Welcome, Awards, & Design Voting
7:00 PM – Racing Begins
7:30 PM – Design Awards
7:45 PM – Clean-Up
8:00 PM – Dismissed