2021 – Pumpkin Race Info – SUCCEESS

2021 – Pumpkin Race Info – SUCCEESS

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WHEN: October 25th

During the October Pack Meeting (Monday the 25th), we will do our traditional flag ceremony and awards…then we begin the show!


Hello Pack 197 Families!

I am so excited because it’s…
2 weeks til the Pumpkin Race!


Since we have so many new Scouts this year, you may be looking for a little more info on this fun tradition!

The Pumpkin Race isn’t actually a race at all!


What it IS is a chance for your Scout to flex their creative muscles and have some fun. The only competition is in design, and we have 6 categories the Scouts will vote on: Character, Scouting, Halloween, Sports, Nature and Other.

In order to participate, your Scout simply needs to select a pumpkin to put on wheels (this could be a dump truck, skate board, etc…feel free to be creative!) decorate the pumpkin, and be sure NOT TO CARVE THE PUMPKIN!


Pumpkins will be rolled down a big wooden ramp and along a track. We cheer on each pumpkin and each Scout gets their own moment in the spotlight!

At this month’s Pack Meeting (Monday the 25th), we will do our traditional flag ceremony and awards…then we begin the show! You are welcome to bring along family to this meeting, and costumes are encouraged but not required. Please be mindful that a Scout is both respectful and kind, therefore costumes should reflect that.


The Pack Meeting will be held inside the Sanctuary area at Heritage, which is super easy! Simply use the main entrance and go straight ahead.

We want this event to be as safe and enjoyable as possible, so all participants and spectators must wear a mask. One final note is that it takes a lot of adult hands to move the track out of storage, check in cars, cleanup, etc…so, next week I will be sending a SignUpGenius to ask for help. Your time and talent is greatly appreciated and is integral to make this event a success for our Scouts and families alike!


If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to this message or call/text me Stephanie Stevens (details in email)