Pack 197 Friends of Scouting

Pack 197 Friends of Scouting

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Dear Parents and Leaders, 

I want to thank all the families for their active participation which has allowed us to have another fantastic year of Scouting. One of my favorite memories so far this year was watching our older scouts help the younger ones set up camp and learn scout skills at the Fall Campout. I was impressed with the development those older scouts had made, and excited that we are going to provide the same opportunities for growth and learning for the younger scouts over the coming years.

We are fortunate that the Simon Kenton Council has Camp Falling Rock and other facilities available at very low cost so we can offer events like our Fall Campout for minimal cost to our families. This wouldn’t be possible without the annual Friends of Scouting campaign. Nathan Ericson, one of our Tiger Den Leaders, will be giving a presentation at our Pack Meeting on January 28 to share more details of how this giving campaign supports the Council’s ability to deliver a safe, quality program to Scouts across Central Ohio. 

Last year our goal was 100% participation, and to raise $4,000 from our 80 families. We had fantastic results where we raised over $5,000 from 29 families. Simon Kenton Council has challenged us to raise $5,000 again this year, so I’m hoping you and your family can continue helping us show how much we support Scouting. As an incentive for 100% participation this year, each Scout will be able to throw a pie at a leader if they bring a completed form at the end of the January Pack meeting. If you are not in a position to donate this year, just provide your name on the card and your Scout can still throw a pie! (Your employer may offer a match as well!)

Nathan will share more details about the campaign and where your support is directed. Please know in advance that you can make a pledge at the presentation and pay it whenever and however you want in 2019. You can even donate online. All Friends of Scouting donations are 100% tax deductible. 

Thank you in advance for your generous support and for choosing Pack 197 as an adventure for your family!

With Sincere Appreciation,

Bob O’Bryan
Pack 197 Committee Chair